A Story About Motor The significance about set out

Today there are three person go out with us ,they all are over 40, one of them retired just now, he planed to go travel by motor, but ,he give up at last because one word.Another is the boss of a Auto repair factory ,he close it for one month in order to go to Tibet.I admire this spirit, so amazing. A man sleep upper berth pick up one phone at night. His son said:Come back quickly ,daddy. Mon don’t angry any more.

After that phone, the man chat with me. He told me travel around China is his dream.he looks so excited, he changed a low-salary job but has holiday. There are concrete iron in his arm, these all for this trip, just for dream, he was so hospitable to invite me to his home. If I go to Shanghai. Then he talked about the pressure of work ,life, house, car ,or money. He likes travel by motor, but those people around him said he is neuropathy, what is the purpose to travel everywhere. However, when he pick up son’s phone, his emotional flooding suddenly.wait a long time, he said slowly : I will go home tomorrow, I don’t care other person’s attitude.

He said continue: my wife is financial staff in primary school, they only has summer and winter holiday, so does my son , so they hope I can have short vacation, I only have 25 days all around one year, my son always complain i don’t have time to company with him, paly with him, if I spend vacation to travel, I will have little time at home. If I go to there, I must feel unhappy.

To do a conclusion, how do you think after read this story? How do you think about this man of Shanghai? I think he don’t afaid to follow his dream, he is so brave not cowardly.he has a responsible for his family, that’s gentle and soft.

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